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If your enterprise needs several different systems that don’t communicate, create process redundancies, and don’t allow for efficient analysis, know that you’re working with old outdated systems.

Our solution is ideal for those who want to manage properties and business relationships in a simple, intelligent, integrated and secure way. Because it is modular, the solution offers flexibility to meet each type of need. That is: you can start by controlling only one department or process, as well as opt for the complete solution to have full control of the business. Among the main real estate sectors served, we highlight:



Highway Concessionaires

Retail Chains

Strip Malls & Galleries

Educational Institutions


Electric Power Companies

Telecom Companies

Sanitation Companies

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Get to know our solution to turn leads into customers.

Learn about our solution for contract lifecycle management.

The most complete and efficient solution to monitor the performance of POS.

Modernity, efficiency and practicality when it comes to managing payment flows.

Technology to help you track receipts efficiently and simply.

Real-time information that guides the best decisions for the business.

The solution that automates the financial flow and facilitates decision making.

Technology that results in quality, efficiency and productivity of your work.

Control the main points ofoperation with mobility.

Excellence and ease in controlling your maintenance daily.

Automated solution to streamline the day to day of your marketing activities.

Complete technology for budget management of the business.

The best communication and service platform between the manager of the mall and tenants.

Record all occurrences of the enterprise in a single system, with easy access and reports.

The perfect interface for mapping, managing and marketing commercial property spaces.

Digital channel to further optimize your business.

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