Real-time information that guides the best decisions for the business.

The efficient management of an enterprise requires the use of tools that enable the analysis of data and relevant information in real time. Dashboard systems have stood out as a solution increasingly used by companies of all sizes and segments.

Dashboards present information about several aspects of the business, such as sales, finance, production, results, among others.

Advantages of having ControlXRM Dashboards

  • Business vision: the data is presented in a visual, clear and intuitive way, facilitating the interpretation and decision-making by managers.
  • Agility in decision making: with the information available in real time, managers can quickly identify problems and opportunities for improvement in different areas of the enterprise.
  • Efficiency and productivity gains: this is one of the main benefits of our solution.
  • Constant monitoring of performance indicators: dashboards allow you to closely monitor the achievement of goals and objectives, which enables the identification of deviations and immediate corrective actions. In addition, the analysis of trends and behavior patterns of the indicators can help the company to anticipate possible problems and preventive actions.
  • Advanced filters: you can choose which indicators will be monitored, what information will be presented and in what format they will be displayed.
  • Focus on business: ControlXRM has all the main indicators needed for Real Estate management. This allows the company to focus on the information most relevant to its business and avoid excessive unnecessary data.
  • Improvements in the internal communication of the company: with the information available, it is possible to increase transparency and collaboration between several areas and teams of the company. This can result in a more productive and engaged work environment.
  • Leap in performance: by providing relevant information in real time, personalization and internal communication, dashboards can help enterprises make faster and more efficient decisions, increase productivity and improve the quality of results.

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